Flagstaff Volcano Tour (overground)

(Immerse yourself in the volcanic history of Northern Arizona while hiking through lavaflows and cinder cone craters while learning about the six million years of volcanic history literally csurrounding the Flagstaff area. (Seasonal limitations, contact us for details.)

Flagstaff Volcano Tour (underground)

A braver, bolder way to experience the volcanic landscape of Flagstaff. Go underground in a number of different lava tubes (tunnels formed by ancient magma flows!) A truly unique adventure! Exclusive lava tubes that the other guys don't even know exist! Great for locals looking for a new favorite spot. (Seasonal limitations, contact us for details.)

Sedona Vortex Tour

For the mystic in all of us, come experience the power of the Sedona Vortex sites. Visit as many as four major vortex sites and take in the beauty of the unique red rock Sedona landscape along the way.

Old West Ghost Town Tour

Want to experience a real-life old west ghost town? Let us take you off the beaten path to a seldom traveled ghost town built in the Old West. We are the only tour company offering tours to this area. Come see what the others miss.

Verde Valley Ruins Tour

Learn the indigenous history of the area while viewing the remains of ancient Pueblo dwellings, cliff dwellings and even an ancient water source that supported acivilization and qualifies as a bonafide natural wonder. Perfect for the history and archaeology buff.

And the list goes on and on...

We cover a lot of ground and a large number of destinations throughout the Northern Arizona area. Contact Us and let us know what you are interested in and we will start planning your personally customized tour experience today!